Fitness Classes

Older men doing sit ups

We run basic fitness classes in the Romsey, Southampton, and Winchester areas.

These are aimed at those of you who have realised that it is time to do something about your health and wellbeing. As such they are targeted at clearly defined groups so you will never feel out of place.

On the other hand, you will get the camaraderie and support from other like-minded people.

What you get:

  • An initial fitness review
  • A set of goals you want to achieve
  • Classes designed to push you - but not too hard
  • Exercises and a plan to complete at home
  • Guidance on nutrition
  • Regular progress checks

We currently have spaces on sessions in Romsey on Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Sessions cost from £5.00. There is no forward commitment and your first is free.

Hybrid - Low cost personal training

Press up

For those that want more support on their journey.

A mix of training and online coaching, for those who have some experience of exercise but want to make faster progress; perhaps you've tried before but not sustained the programme or the results.

A bespoke programme, updated weekly.  As well as exercise it may include diet and mindfulness training. You will join a group exercise class,  have a weekly review by phone or skype - and we will nag you, gently.

What you get:

  • A detailed fitness and lifestyle review
  • A comprehensive fitness assessment
  • One to one guidance on exercise
  • A nutrition plan based on your BMR
  • Weekly exercise classes
  • A "fitness diary"
  • Weekly review

The plan costs from £40 per month but can be adapted according to your needs.

Personal Trainer Plans

Personal Trainer

These really are personal - one to one sessions with a personal trainer, nutrition specialist, mindfulness coach or NLP specialist.

This is for those who want to make a serious commitment to recovering their health, vitality and fitness. 

You may be looking to make deep changes to your lifestyle while getting fit and healthy. Alternatively, you may recognise that your journey may be longer and more challenging than others, or perhaps you may be like me and want to get back to competitive sport.

Initially, we'll conduct an in-depth review and make a plan for the short, medium and long term. Together we'll decide what support you need as well as who and how it should be delivered.

We will then meet at least weekly for training and discussion on progress. Together we will monitor progress and adjust the programme.

Personal Training costs from £198 per month.