About me - David Willox

Three years ago I was fat, recently diagnosed as diabetic, had had a heart attack and found myself with a huge dressing on my hand - the result of an operation.

Taking the piss out of me

Just before the operation, a nurse took the piss out of me! Literally! Actually, she got me to do it myself and pass it to her in a specimen bottle. During my pre-op medical she had tried to get a blood sample but couldn't find a vein that wanted to participate so asked for a urine specimen.

From that, she identified that I was probably diabetic and suggested that I had a test done by my GP. This confirmed that I was diabetic and this was the spur that led me to sort out my lifestyle.

The journey back to fitness

I learned a great deal on this journey! The local surgery wanted to put me on metformin and insulin. Fortunately, I knew about research done by Professor Roy Taylor at Newcastle University and his "cure". This involved a pretty drastic diet, the main aim being to give the pancreas and liver a big surprise to get them to wake up and start to produce insulin again.

It worked, and just six weeks later my blood test was normal.

600 calories per day also means you lose weight - fast. Added to which the dressing on my hand meant that I couldn't drive so I just started walking everywhere - fast. In six weeks I lost 18 lbs.

The heart attack

I'd the heart attack a few years before all this. I was very lucky; apparently, i'd had a small one in the morning but didn't know it. Around lunchtime I started to feel unwell - I was pretty certain I was going to pass out if I didn't lie down.

My wife, a nurse, decided hospital would be a good place for me. I was taken to A&E. There I was hooked up to an ECG and they took some blood which revealed the earlier heart attack. But while I was waiting to be admitted for further tests after the Bank-holiday weekend I had the massive attack.

25 minutes later I was on a ward having had the blockage cleared and a stent fitted by one of the top cardiac specialists in the country.

When I was being finally discharged from the care of the cardiac team I was seen by a registrar who expressed alarm at my announcing that I intended to ride the London to Brighton bike ride. I asked him to get a second opinion from the Consultant who had fitted my stents.  

He told me there was no reason not to do it!

The Net Result

As I lost weight and started walking everywhere I began to improve my all-around health. I decided to regain the fitness I'd had as a young man.

In my case, I took up a competitive sport. This is not for everyone. But I did come to recognise that having a reason to change my lifestyle was the major key to success. In fact, the competitive sport was not the only driver in my case, nor I have to say the main driver but it helped.

As I researched the whole business of healthy living I came to appreciate that while exercise and eating were important the real place to tackle the problem was with motivation which is rarely tackled by diet organisations, gyms, personal trainers, doctors, nutritionists to name but a few.

Give a child a hammer...

...everything becomes a nail.

I came to realise that if you were a diet company or a nutritionist the solution to being overweight was diet. If you ran a gym or were a personal trainer the answer was exercise. 

At least doctors thought it might be both. Unfortunately, GPs typically get only a day studying nutrition in seven years of training, and none at all studying exercise.

At one level we know that becoming overweight is simple; you eat more calories than you burn. But virtually nobody asks why people do that.

Why don't animals get fat in the wild?

Simple really. We all, humans and other animals, have sophisticated biological systems to regulate these things. So if we become overweight clearly these systems are not working properly. The challenge is to reset the systems. 

But we are back to that hammer problem. If you run a pharmacology company the solution is a pill. And all too often, if you are a doctor, it is also a pill. Which is why I was offered metformin and insulin to control my blood sugar.

The Good News

There is now excellent research that shows that we can actually tackle these problems without recourse to drugs and we do not need to rely on will power. When I discovered this I set out on a mission to spread the word. Which is why this project was born and this website created.

If I can do it, sixteen stone and lazy to eleven and a half and a triathlete, then anyone can.

If you want to join me - not as a triathlete but simply being a healthy weight, with a healthy heart, sleeping well, enjoying your family, be that spouse, children and/or grandchildren, and friends then subscribe to the website.

You will be able to access many resources, we'lll keep you posted on developments, and please "like us". We want to spread the word to as many people as possible.