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David Willox

WilloxDavid founded Think Fit as part of his journey from fat and lazy to becoming a moderately effective triathlete.

"I learned a lot during this journey - I was told that I shouldn't risk riding a bike from London to Brighton and that I would have to take insulin and metformin for my diabetes for the rest of my life.

A little research, a sensible approach to changing my lifestyle and a bit of bloody-mindedness changed that.

Various measures of fitness put me in my early 30s and my blood sugar behaves itself without drugs and with no special effort on my part.

I sleep better, feel more relaxed and enjoy life more than I have for years.

I now want to help others do the same.

Ruth Taylor

Ruth TaylorRuth has been working as a registered nutritional therapist since qualifying in 2009 and now specialise in supporting people with gut health issues. She is also a registered nurse, having worked for many years as a nursing sister in the NHS

She now solely focuses on working in the world of nutrition. My blend of knowledge and understanding and my wealth of experience is of immeasurable help in my world as a nutritional therapist and can be a huge help to my clients.

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