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Running Machines in a Gym

To Gym or not to Gym

Gym membership is at an all-time high. As an enthusiastic triathlete, I recognise their use.

But often they're used in the wrong way, are expensive, not just financially, but on your time and produce little benefit.


One to one pool

Eat well to lose weight

If dieting worked we would not have an obesity problem in the western world.

Nor would we have a profitable "diet industry" which relies on people continually returning to diets.

Want to be a healthy weight?


Vanishing Clouds

A State of Mind

Being fit, a good weight, happy and relaxed are all connected by the way you think. 

The body and mind have complex feedback loops. The key to success is understanding and taking control: -

Not will power!

For Individuals

For Companies

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You won't maintain a healthy diet unless you enjoy it.