Diets make you fat

Britons spend about £2 Bn pounds on the diet industry every year. Government, doctors, newspapers television constantly exhort us to lose weight. But we get heavier and heavier. Has nobody noticed the strange correlation?

Actually, medical research has not only noticed it but has also understood it. It really is dieting that is making us fatter.

Gyms that don't work

Gyms have their place! They are useful for competitive sports people, rehab, and if you enjoy them. But most people give up on their use after less than 5 months - but strangely continue to pay and sign up the following year.

There are better, less expensive and quicker ways to get fit - and they’ll save you time and keep you more active for longer.

A constant battle

Do you find yourself in a constant battle to resist that steak and chips, glass of wine or beer. Are you yearning to end the diet and get back to normal, stop busting a gut at the gym. Is the “healthy life style” driving you nuts? If it is you can be sure you’ll be back next year to repeat the experience. But there is a better way!

There is a better way!